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Unique Value

The solid foundation of the Lambda Calculus is integrated in a course of the general principles of programming,

Other books introduce functional programming almost exclusively in conjunction with a specific complex programming language like e.g. Haskell. The Lambda Calculus, if it is mentioned at all as the theoretical base for functional programming, is always seen as a mathematical, logical system, presented in mathematical notation. It is put on a high mathematical pedestal that is still unreachable for many people, or at least is given a highly theoretical appearance from which many programmers conclude that they don't have a need for it.

On the contrary, `Programmierung PUR' presents the basic operations of the Lambda Calculus, abstraction, reference and synthesis as a simple fundamental programming language including programming examples with its own ARS-interpreter.

Therefore it is the special merit of this book, to make the Lambda Calculus attractive for programmers,
and to integrate it in the process of learning the art of programming.

The intended audience for the chapter on the Lambda Calculus and the whole book
is therefore not a small elite  of scientists but all students of computer science,
because the principles of programming are discussed not on a level of mathematicians
but on a level of programmers.

Georg P. Loczewski 2002-07-20

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