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Benefit to the Reader

  1. Readers of `Programmierung PUR' will become familiar with all three paradigms of programming, i.e. with functional programming, with object-oriented programming and with imperative programming. Readers may decide later themselves, which programming style to use in a specific case. This decision may vary within one project and even within one program. It might be recommended to use one style `here' and another style `there'.

  2. The principles of programming taught in `Programmierung PUR' are so general that they can be applied to most programming languages. This means that readers will be able to easier learn new programming languages because they only have to learn to express the programming patterns as presented in `Programmierung PUR' in the new languages.

          These programming patterns are so simple but nevertheless comprehensive and powerful.
          They can be used to solve almost any programming task.

  3. Readers will be able to work with five real-life programming languages.

  4. The programming language Scheme is often offered as a scripting or extension language in combination with a software product. With the experience provided by this book it will be easier to take advantage of sophisticated features of the corresponding software product or tool.

    Software products that provide such a Scheme interface are the following:

  5. The reader of `Programmierung PUR' learns to build an object system from scratch. This might be very useful, if the host language does not provide object-oriented programming. The EMACS-Editor provides an extension language called `EMACS Lisp'. This language does neither have its own object system nor does it provide `lexical scope'. With the help of of the technique shown in `Programmierung PUR' it was possible to build a `dynamic object system' for the EMACS-Editor.

    This object system is even dynamic, which, if applied to java, would extend and enhance the host language.

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